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Rain original by Terranova since 1977


We offer a variety of Rain original by Terranova since 1977 lotions and moisturizers formulated with premium, Spa-Quality ingredients. We offer: Shea Butter, Moroccan Argan, ADE Oil Free, Vitamin Rich, Aloe Vera, Emollient, Elerflower, Body Butter, Spa Grade Coconut, A-D-E lotion with minerial oil, and more. Many contain Organic ingredients. Scented or Unscented.

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  • a Goat Milk Nourishing Body Moisturizer terrific for unhappy skin

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    Our deep absorbing skin lotion excels in moisturizing even the most sun-damaged and dry skin. Goat's milk contains plentiful amounts alpha hydroxy acid, Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, E, and minerals, making it ideal for a nourishing and regenerative formulation. The luscious, milky consistency sets this lotion apart from all others. After application, skin is left feeling young, soft and smooth. After even just a few applications, the difference is evident.

  • ADE Lotion Rich with Vitamins in Creamy Moisturizer the Original

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    Our most popular moisturizer for over 35 years. This extra-rich "cream in a bottle" body moisturizer is fortified with skin-nourishing vitamins A and D, and anti-oxidant vitamin E. Extraordinarily soothes, softens and soothes extra dry, chapped and flaky skin. May be used on face, too. Skin stays hydrated all day long. Scent with any of our hundreds of fragrance perfumes and oils. And Now, vitamin C is an antioxidant, meaning it protects skin cells from damaging free radicals caused by UV exposure. It also inhibits melanin production in the skin, which helps to lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots, even out skin tone, and enhance skin radiance.

  • ADE Lotion Vitamin Rich - NO Mineral Oil gives your skin a natural healthy glow

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    Meticulously designed with extra purity and care, our Vitamins A,D,E Lotion is free from Mineral oil and features a combination of the best traditional knowledge and scientific technology so your skin gets the best of both worlds. Fortified with vitamins necessary for skins natural healthy and glow.

  • Aloe Vera Hand and Body Cream - Paraben Free

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    Pure, organic aloe vera, long known to heal and soothe skin, provides the base for this super emollient moisturizer rich in sweet almond and safflower oils, plus anti-oxidant vitamin E. Effective therapy for dry and chapped skin. Paraben Free.

  • Argan Lotion protects your skin from sun, pollutants and free radicals.

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    Argan Moisturizer for long lasting protection. Revitalizes elasticity and firmness. Dramatically boosts moisture retention, increases collagen and elastin production and strengthens your skins barrier function. Contains an impressive series of organic healing agents, plus antioxidants with high levels of Vitamin E that protects your skin from sun, pollutants, and free radicals.

  • Arnica Gel - Arthritis, Muscles and Joints, Feel Better Fast.

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    A light gel, fast absorbing muscle rub packed with natural pain fighting ingredients. This formula is easy to use and works on all your aches and pains whether you are on the go or just wanting to relax again at home. (CANNOT BE SCENTED)

  • Body Butter Organic Rich and Creamy with healing botanicals that nourish and hydrate

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    Indulge your skin with our intensive, all over body butter that is creamy and whipped to perfection. Feel instant results with a balance of healing botanicals that help heal, nourish and hydrate skin texture, leaving it oh-so-soft and asking for more. Enriched with Argan oil, it is truly a prized feast for your skin!.....

  • Elder Flower Hydrating Lotion retains moisture for hours

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    Elder Flower combined with Irish Moss stimulate and soften your skin. The emollient moisturizing benefits of this lotion helps skin maintain good moisture levels throughout the day and improves resiliency by softening outer skin layers. Protects from drying effects of the environment and absorbs quickly into skin. No animal derived ingredients. Use once or twice daily, smooth over entire body. Use more often for dry skin areas. Scent with China Rain�, China Musk� or 100's of others.

  • Emollient Body Lotion Organic and Vegan protects dry sensitive skin

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    This deep, nourishing drink for dry, thirsty skin blends certified organic aloe vera, green tean and chamomile extracts for optimum moisture balance and therapeutic benefits. Exquisitely light, yet rich in natural plant emollients to soothe and protect dry, sensitive skin. It's the perfect all-over body treatment. 100% Vegetarian Ingredients.

  • Opal Stardust Body Lotion and Moisturizer

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    A creamy moisturizing lotion to ease the body and soothe the spirit. With reflections of natural mica for fun subtle high-lights.

  • Revitalizing and Hydrating Spritzer

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    This nourishing oil-free spray works to revitalize and promote softness and elasticity. Specially formulated with anti-oxidant sodium PCA to encourage long-lasting moisture retention. Use unscented as a hydrating facial mist or custom scented for a fragrant body mist. Comes with fine mist spray pump applicator.

  • Shea Butter Revitalizing Lotion improves texture and suppleness

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    Shea butter is proven to aid cell regeneration, promotes a youthful appearance, protects and softens depleted skin. And Say Goodbye to crocodile skin! Shea butter improves texture, suppleness and clarity while softening, soothing and revitalizing. An all over body emollient. Light, easily absorbed lotion. Be sure and click [ learn more ] to see the wonderful ingredients in this moisturizing lotion. Yes, it is paraben free. Scent with China Rain�, China Musk� or 100's of others.

  • Vitamin Rich Body Lotion Slows the Aging Process

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    This satiny hand and body lotion contains corn flower extract--specially chosen to soothe and soften the skin, and plant derived moisturizers to hydrate and prevent future dryness. Vitamins A, D and E condition and slow skin's aging process by protecting it from harmful environmental factors.