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Orange Blossom

  • Aromatic description
    • Our orange blossom has a heady, sweet and floral aroma with fruity undertones.
  • General
    • Named after an Indian princess, orange blossom is traditionally used in bridal bouquets to calm a nervous bride. The scent is known to be hypnotic and euphoric, a natural tranquilizer.
  • Aromatherapy class
    • Citrus
  • Aromatherapy class
    • The method of extraction is distillation of orange blossom petals. A flower water and an absolute is also a result from this process.
  • Traditional uses
  • Psychological & Emotional uses
    • Orange blossom has been known to help relieve chronic anxiety, depression and tress. It soothes hysteria, shock and panic and it brings a feeling of peace.
  • Effects on the skin
    • It is also a popular ingredient in cosmetics and perfume both for its beautiful scent and its positive effect on dry, sensitive and mature skin.