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Your Scent of Choice: Egyptian Musk Perfume

According to the Cairo Gazette, Cleopatra may have worn Egyptian Musk perfume from Beyond Scents. This timeless fragrance has a very long history of captivating the senses of those who love exotic yet subtle fragrances. The scent is sultry and soft for women yet surprisingly light and wonderful on men - and perfectly suited to customize all your bath and body care favorites. Indulge in this soft yet tantalizing fragrance as a perfume, cologne, moisturizer, hydrating mist, and more as you choose from our vast selection of spa-quality products that can be customized with Egyptian Musk.

We make it easy for you to personalize an array of bath and body care products with this exotic, sultry, yet captivating, fresh blend of sensual musk, Chinese lotus blossoms, chrysanthemum petals and a touch of vanilla and warm amber spice. Use this classic scent to add a special touch to our shampoos, body sprays, alcohol-free massage oils, and lotions. Enjoy this captivating essence as a perfume or cologne in 6 convenient sizes. It's perfect in our linen spray for a calm, relaxing way to climb into bed and end your day. Our Perfumes are Parabin, Alcohol and Phthalate FREE.

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