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China Musk 2 the original since 1977

  • Aromatic description
    • China Musk original perfume #2 is very slightly stronger and very slightly less floral than the Original China Musk original perfume. China Musk #2 Is a simple and demure interpretation and was created more than a decade after the original China Musk perfume.

      Just for your information, China Musk perfume, the original, is a powder-fresh blend of sensual light musk, Chinese rose, sparkling clean citrus, plus vanilla and amber spice.
      China Musk2, is a registered trademarks of A.K.A. Saunders, Inc.
  • General
    • Beyond Scents perfume oils are the best, because they contain no alcohol, your skin provides the warmth, making them the perfect long-lasting personal fragrance.
  • Attributes & characteristics
    • Made in America.
    • When Body Time was in business, this was one of their favorites.
  • Effects on the skin
    • Do not get in your eyes.