Your Scent of Choice: Rain

Imagine a scent as fresh and clean as the mist from a forest waterfall. Rain is our lightest, freshest scent and it is adored by men and women alike for its very natural appeal. Satisfy your senses with this blend of fresh, green notes and soft muguet, artfully balanced with undertones of clean musk and precious woods. Rain perfume oil has been pleasing our senses since the early 1980's and is still enjoyed by many people like you.

Create endless possibilities with bespoke spa-quality body products infused with Rain perfume, leaving a refreshing nostalgic essence after you shampoo, bathe, massage, moisturize and hydrate! We also offer soaps, body powder and linen and fabric spritzer. As a perfume, we offer this timeless scent in six convenient sizes. Our Perfumes are Parabin, Alcohol and Phthalate FREE.

Our Rain Perfume is as timeless as you are.

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